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More Butler County--and beyond--By The Numbers

According to the 2010 Census and subsequent updates the population of Butler County is 12,827 (2011 estimate). By way of comparison the 2012 Census update set the total population of the United States at 313,914,040. Kentucky ranks 26th on the list of states by population, with 4,173,405 residents. California is the most populated state in the union with 36,132,147 citizens. Wyoming has the sparsest population with 509,123 residents.
Historically Butler County had its highest 20th century population when the 20th century first opened. The 1900 Census lists the population of the county at 15,896. By 1950 the population had decreased to 11,309, and continued to trend downward hitting its lowest population since 1900 for the 1960 Census when county residents numbered 9,586. From 1960 onward the county has seen a slight but steady rise in population. The 1990 Census reported the population in Butler County at 11,245.
Jefferson County is the largest county in Kentucky by population with 746,906 residents in 2011. Robertson County is the state’s least populated county with only 2,229 citizens. Butler County ranks 88th out of 120 in Kentucky county rank by population. By way of comparison the contiguous counties bordering Butler County are; Edmonson County-12,161 population, Grayson County-25,746, Logan County-26,835, Muhlenberg County-31,499, Ohio County-23,842, and Warren County-113,792.
By area the state’s largest county is Pike county with a total area of 788 sq. miles. Gallatin County ranks 120th with only 99 square miles. With an area of 428 sq. miles Butler County comes in tied with McCreary County for 26th and 27th in Kentucky by terms of physical area.
Butler County has three incorporated cities, Morgantown, Rochester, and Woodbury. Morgantown is the largest city in the county with 2,394 residents. Rochester is next with a population of 152. Woodbury is the smallest incorporated city in Butler County--and among the smallest in the state--with a population of 90. Rochester has the oldest population of the three Butler County cities with a median age of 47.5 years. Woodbury’s median age is 43.0 years and Morgantown’s is 38.5 years.
Butler County has 5,081 total households, 70% of which consist of at least one parent and children under 18. 59.6% of males over the age of 15 are married. The female figure for the same age group is 56.5%. 11% of males over 15 in Butler County are divorced as are 12.3% of females in that age group. In the 15 and over age set for Butler County 4% of males and 11.9% of females are widowed.
Educationally the Census indicates that 3,571 people (40.8%) in Butler County have a high school diploma or equivalent. 465 people have bachelor’s degrees, and 234 have graduate or professional degrees. Including preschool, elementary, high school, college, and graduate school there are currently 2,712 Butler County citizens enrolled in school at some level.
Of the Butler County population 16 and over (10,223) just over half, 5,489, are in the non-agricultural labor force or 53.7%, and 7 of those individuals are in the armed forces. According to the Census data 10.3% of persons in the civilian labor force in Butler County are unemployed. Manufacturing is the largest employment sector in Butler County, employing 1,368 workers, or 27.8% of the labor force. Education services, healthcare, and social services is the next highest employer with 16.8% of the workforce, 828 people, employed. The median household income in the county is $32,508. 293 Butler County citizens reported earning less than $10,000 in 2010, with 27 individuals reporting income of $200,000 or more for the same reporting period.

Story by Joe K. Morris, Beech Tree News


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