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Minister Counselor Continues to Support Butler County

Tian Deyou is the Minister Counselor for Economic & Commercial Office for the Embassy of the People's Republic of China to the United States of America. Minister-Counselor Tian has visited Morgantown twice. The first visit was on August 5, 2015 and the second visit was on January 16, 2017. It is uncommon for the Minister- Counselor to visit a city twice. He has introduced Morgantown and Butler County to business entrepreneurs and media groups in hopes of a industry coming to Morgantown and investing. He has tried to give the people of China a better understanding of Morgantown and Kentucky. With his assistance he has helped Morgantown and Butler County to make contacts with business entrepreneurs and economic and trade representatives. He has given Morgantown advice on how to promote Morgantown to the Chinese people.

"He has kept in touch with us and continued to help. He has worked very hard for Morgantown and Butler County. We appreciate all he has done for Morgantown. Minister Counselor Tian has been a friend to Morgantown and Butler County. We appreciate his friendship and support to the city and county" Dr. Richard Wan 


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