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Mile markers posted Green River

Rescue Squad members installed mile markers on Green River.  (Source:  Morgantown Trail Town Facebook Page)

Butler County Rescue Squad recently installed mile markers on the 58-mile stretch of the Green River that meanders through Butler County. These markers will help kayakers , fishermen  and boaters know what part of the river they are on and they can reference them if assistance is needed.

“Our Trail Town Committee has been working on this effort with signage for some time, from development and procurement to installation,” said Morgantown Trail Town Chairperson Melanie Hunt.  “We look forward to this helping people on the river to be safe and know where they are along the route.  

According to Hunt, the mile markers will also help the local rescue squad, as well, for any responses on the river. 

“Thank you to them for their volunteer efforts for the Green River Ramble and installation of the markers,” said Hunty.  “Please, all enjoy the Green River, be safe and keep #GreenRiverRambling.”

Because of the Covid-19, the Green River Ramble, July 4th Float, and the Rochester Festival Float have all been canceled but people are encouraged to post pictures of their adventures on the river at #MorgantownTrailTown.

There are five canoe and kayak access points in Butler County:

Access Point.                             Mile Marker

-Rochester Ferry                          108.6

-Reeds Ferry.                                 122.8

-Morgantown Ramp.                    141.2

-Woodbury.                                    150

-Highway 185.                                166.5

Trail Town status was achieved last October from the state.  Morgantown/Butler County is on the Kentucky State Tourism Website.  The goal is to attract more people from outside the country to visit and spend time here.

For more information, visit the Morgantown Trail Town Facebook page.  Click on their website and the map of the five access points on the river will help you decide your next adventure.   This also ties into the City of Morgantown information updates.


Story by Don Lindsey, Beech Tree News.  


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