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Mike Porter receives Conservation Award from DAR

Mike Porter and Jane Smith

Butler County Chapter of the KSDAR presented to Mike Porter of Rochester, KY, the Conservation Award on April 22 at the Rochester Community Center before their April meeting. Conservation award requirements are outstanding efforts in wildlife and nature centers, resource management, park establishment, conservation-related media, and education.

Porter was nominated by the Conservation Committee, which Dean McCoy chairs. He received letters of recommendation from Greg Drake, County Extension Agent, and Martha Rowe, Mayor of Rochester.

Porter has been working with bees for the past seven years. He has increased his hives by buying from keepers going out of business or purchasing new ones; he currently maintains six active hives. Porter keeps his hives active by checking them to assure that the queen is still alive and the hive is being fed. Porter sells his honey locally and has 12 acres of wildflowers and wild grasses for pollinator habitat.

( Mike Porter, Lynda O'Driscoll, and Kathy Porter)


Porter and his wife Kathy are involved with Friends of Butler County Animals and serve on their board.

The Porters have opened their home to stray animals in Rochester for years and hosted the Extension Field Day for the county showing his bees and pollinator habitat.

Mike Porter is a concerned citizen conserving the land and living creatures.




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