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MES Fantastic Friday's Leaders of the Week

Overall Classroom Leader of the Week Claira Boone

Morgantown Elementary celebrated their Leaders of the Week on Friday.  Congratulations to all the students and classes.

Classroom Leaders of the Week

Kaylen Warren
Lucas Gomez Pablo
Callyn Smith
Manuela Nicolas
Josalina Hernandez
Cloey Burden
Elizabeth Baker
Thomas Embry
Maria Gomez Jorge
Casey Mendoza Alonzo
Ellie Neighbors
Claira Boone
Claudia Walters
Estela Lopez
Jadyeen Dockery
Kylee Price
Eddie Sales
Jayden Dockery
Kayla French
Chloe Cardwell
Trevor Joiner
Julian Kimmel
Tanya Breksa
Dalton Hale


Classes of the Week
Art - Ms. Allen
Music - Mrs. Baker
Library - Mrs. Hayes
Chinese - Mrs. Wilson
P.E. - Mrs. Amos
Attendance - Mrs. W. Vincent
7 Habits - Ms. Allen

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