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MES Fantastic Friday

Classroom Leaders of the Week:

Ava Lindsey

Payton Deweese

Harmoni Stabley

Carson Joiner

Thomas Embry

Colton LeBlanc

Zane Carathers

Sophie Minor

Mae Givens

Chaz Jensen

Lee Logsdon

Kaitlyn Coots

Isabella Aguirre

Joey Baucum

Nivia Orellana

Adeline Castile

Mattie Clark

Will Kitchen

Jometh Rivera

Addison McCardle

Garrett Phelps

Westin Blythe

James Sanford

Gabe Akers

Sienna Furgason

Ty Price

Liam Dockery


Overall Leader of the Week:

Gabe Akers


Classes of the week:

Library – Mrs. Gates

P.E. – Mrs. Clark

Art – Ms. Allen

Music – Mrs. Skaggs

7 Habits – Mrs. Wilson



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