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"In Memory of Brittany"

In memory of Brittany was the name of the balloon release held on Friday at North Butler Elementary School.  Linda Tyree, a Butler County School Counselor, facilitates a grief small group at North Butler Elementary School for nine 4th grade students who were close friends of Brittany Mahaney, who was killed this summer in an auto accident on County Road. Brittany’s birthday was September 24th so on Friday at noon the fourth grade students at NBES, Ms. Dorris and Ms. Jackson’s classes, held a balloon release in Brittany’s memory.  Pink and purple balloons were released with handwritten messages from her classmates attached. 





I want to Thank everyone it was sweet!!!
Thank you for thinking of Brittany, and letting Austin be apart of this. This was a great tribute in Brittany's honor.
brittany was my best friend and i love her that was really sweet. thanks for letting us do this

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