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MEETING: Morgantown City Council

Morgantown City Council held an online zoom meeting on Thursday, May 13. All council members were in attendance: Dionne Merritt, Sharon Johnson, Russell Givens, Bryan Locke, Dustin Embry, and Jason Gaskey.

The following reports were given:

Utilities Commission- Jim Green

The commission met on May 14. They discussed the sewage plant and the need for repairs, and a long-term plan. According to Green, they will need to purchase some equipment. They approved the first reading of the budget. The commission is considering hiring a company to help with the management of the gas distribution. Due to manufacturing problems with gas lines, all new installations are on hold. Superintendent Randall Gaskey is planning to retire soon, so the commission is developing an exit plan.

Morgantown Fire Department- Dustin Embry

The fire department had four runs last month, with three in the county and one within city limits. They are working on a 50/50 grant for equipment. They are also working on a grant application for a new fire station and police station.

Morgantown Police Department- Giles Taylor, Chief

--776 calls for service

--17 arrests

--12 new cases open

--Eight accidents worked

The department had to purchase additional ammunition as required by law.

Public Works- Brad Johnson

The city’s clean-up days produced 41 dumpsters and 188.83 tons of debris.

They were able to recycle 2.75 tons.

The city pool is ready to open. 

The department has been mowing, fixing potholes, and cleaning drainage tiles.

Housing Authority- Pam Staples

The housing authority has awarded the mowing bid to Thomas’ Mowing and the garbage bid to Green River Waste. Their recent audit had no findings. The office is still closed due to Covid-19, however, they are accepting applications.

City Administrator- Jerrod Barks

Morgantown City Hall is open to the public. The Land & Water Grant is moving along, and there should be an onsite visit soon. The TAP grant is finishing up the survey, and Warren RECC will be installing the lights. They have been working on the budget.

Mayor Billy Phelps

Hopefully, park bids will go back out on June 4 and be due June 18.

The MOGO bus runs Monday through Thursday.  Please call 270526-0330 if you need a ride.

The rental bikes are out and ready to go. The city plans to add rental kayaks soon. There will be fireworks on July 4. According to Mayor Phelps, the six council members have sponsored, out of their pocket, a $600 fish and challenged the fiscal court to do the same for the fishing tournament.

The council has approved a resolution for Municipal Road Aid for $48,623.06. They also approved a resolution for Road Discretionary Funding for $398,691 for repairs to Industrial Drive North.


The council went into a closed session to discuss property.  No action was taken.  


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