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MCRC Learning Congress: "Under the Big Top"

"Under the Big Top" was the theme for the Learning Congress held for all care partners of Signature Health's Morgantown Care & Rehab facility at Morgantown Community Church.

Jim Green, Building Bridges 4 life
Under the direction of Ringmaster (Administer), Amy Phelps each day started with Positive Energy from Jim Green, of Building Bridges 4 Life. Green shared the benefits of positive energy, how to avoid negativity and an action plan to feed yourself.

Admission Director Jamie Howard.
Care partners visited the House of Mirrors(Purposeful Living), The Aminal Tent( Neighborhood Model), the Magician Tent (Words Make Worlds) as well as several activities Under the Big Tent.  Training stress the need to know and understand residents' purpose and simple pleasures. Learning to avoid institutional words.  MCRC is home to residents, they, the residents, have renamed the halls: Lily Lane, Eden Stretch, Serenity Lane, Green River Road, Overlook Drive, and Homeward Highway.
Chaplain Derek Cain
"What an incredible training event! Our Learning Congress "Under the Big Top" was a great success! A big thank you to all our care partners for their engagement and participation in the program. Lots of fun, laughter and meaningful moments inspired professional and personal transformation. Positivity and growth are certain for our future as we continue to radically change the landscape of healthcare forever," said Phelps.


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