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MCRC Celebrates National Prayer Day

On the morning of Thursday, May 1 2014, Morgantown Care and Rehabilitation Center hosted an event recognizing the National Day of Prayer.

The event began with an introduction and overview of the event by Chaplin Derek Cain followed by the hymn entitled "Sweet Hour of Prayer". The attendees then participated in a prayer of confession in which the audience repeated "Forgive us" at the end of each statement.

Shirley Allen then took the podium and led a prayer for youth and families. This was immediately followed by a prayer for friends, neighbors, and co-workers led by Logan Midkiff.

A scripture excerpt reading from the book of Chronicles was then performed by Lynn Harris. Two more prayers followed this; a prayer for those who suffer and grieve led by Myrtle Givens and a prayer for national leaders, local leaders, and troops led by Chaplain Derek.

Following this, Debbie Coleman recited an excerpt from the book of Timothy. This was followed by a prayer for the world led by Bonnie McKinney and another hymn entitled "Standing in the Need of Prayer". This was followed by a prayer for ourselves led by Chaplin Derek.

There were balloons  tied with a short prayer written by  residents  of Morgantown Care and Rehab were taken to the parking lot of  First Baptist Church, adjacent to the MCRC, where they were promptly released. 

Story and photos by Jeremy Hack, Beech Tree News


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