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MCRC Celebrates 40 Year Employee


“It was actually 40 years ago yesterday that I started work here,” remembered Shirley Allen, director of volunteer services at Morgantown Care and Rehab, Thursday morning as she asked the volunteer at the door if he needed anything. Service just comes natural to Allen.

Jody Forgy always likes the camera.

On the 40th anniversary week of her employment at MCRC her friends and associates held a meet and greet reception in her honor at the Gasper River Association of Baptists office Thursday afternoon.

 Shirley had a big time.

 Allen is a 2008 inductee into the MCRC hall of fame. According to her plaque Shirley was enjoying being a stay-at-home Mom when the call to service came in the form of a phone call from her former Administrator, Ralph Eaton.

Dr. Wan gets his hug.

 Current Administrator, Logan Midkiff, said of Allen,”We are blessed to have a tenured employee such as Shirley Allen. She has made a huge impact on our home and continues to excel at her job.”


 Story and photos by Roger Southerland, Beech Tree News



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