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MCRC to begin Restore Me Activity Program promotes mobility among Elders in a holistic way

(July 6, 2016) – Signature Hometown is proud to announce that the 60 homes under which they operate have recently launched Restore Me, a new twist on restorative nursing. As a part of that launch, they have kicked off a new program entitled Race Route 66. In this unique competition, Elders are going to walk the equivalent of Route 66, which is 2,451 miles. This will occur over the course of the next few months and end in November or December with a winner.
The Elders are to form a team and at the end of the competition, their overall steps will be combined. If an Elder is unable to walk, they have the option to self-propel their wheelchair in order to participate.
Along the route are several predesigned “Pit Stops”, which mock those used in the hit TV show The Amazing Race. During these pit stops, there will be several different options of events that can be held at the home. These events will become a virtual vacation for the Elders as they begin to experience and learn new things.
Also along the route are a few predesigned “Detours”, in which the team must complete a challenge in order to continue along the route.
The Route 66 program also promotes engagement and relationship building among Stakeholders and Elders. If an Elder and a Stakeholder walk together, the team will receive bonus points that will add to their overall total.
The purpose of this program is to promote mobility among Elders in a holistic way.
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