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Master Commissioner Sale

BY VIRTUE OF A DECREE AND ORDER OF SALE OF THE BUTLER CIRCUIT COURT, the Master Commissioner will sell at public auction the real property in the following action on Friday, February 3, 2023 about the hour of 10:00 a.m. at the Courthouse Door of the Butler County Courthouse located on Main Street in Morgantown, Butler County, Kentucky. Said property shall be sold to collect the amounts hereinafter set forth, together with interest and the costs of the action, and upon the following terms and conditions (unless otherwise stated).

A.     The successful purchaser may pay the purchase price in full on the date of sale OR the successful purchaser will be required to pay 10% down on the date of sale with the balance of the purchase price plus interest on said balance at the rate the judgment bears (KRS 426.705) from the date of sale with balance to be paid within 30 days of the date of sale. If the successful purchaser does not pay the purchase price in full on the day of sale, the purchaser shall execute a bond with an approved surety bearing interest at the rate the judgment bears (KRS 426.705) from the date of sale until paid which bond shall have the force and effect of a judgment. The Commissioner shall retain a lien upon the property sold as additional security. All bidders must be prepared to comply promptly with these terms.

B.     The property is sold subject to the following:

a.   State, County, City and School taxes payable for the entire year of 2023 and all taxes due thereafter. The Master Commissioner will make a good faith effort to obtain and pay all taxes or assessments upon the property for prior years; however, this cannot be guaranteed.

b.   Easement, restrictions, and covenants of record.

c.   Any facts which an inspection or accurate survey of the property may disclose.

d.   Any assessments for public improvements levied against the property.

e.   Any applicable zoning regulations.

C.     The property shall otherwise be sold free and clear of any and all right, title and interest   of all parties to the action and their liens and encumbrances thereon.

D.     For a more particular description of these properties, reference is made to the file on record at the Butler Circuit Clerk’s Office on the second floor of the Butler County Courthouse.

E.      You assume risk of loss of the property the day of the sale. Therefore, you should secure property and casualty insurance to protect your interest.

F.      The Master Commissioner does not have access to the properties listed below and therefore makes no representation or warranty of any kind as to the conditions of these properties.

G.     Judicial Sales, Executive Order 2020-44 effective June 1, 2020, and with the authorization of the Chief Circuit Judge, judicial sales pursuant to Administrative Procedures of the Court of Justice (AP) Part IV may resume.

i.    All sales conducted in-person must meet the health and safety measures required by Kentucky Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-43. “Kentucky Court of Justice Response to COVID-19 Emergency - Health and Safety Requirements for the Expansion of Court Operations,” including but not limited to, the requirements for facial coverings, limited occupancy capacity, social distancing, and cleaning/disinfecting. The Chief Circuit Judge must ensure that the master commissioner is observing and enforcing the health and safety measures required by Administrative Order 2020-43.

ii.   Notwithstanding AP Part IV, Section 5 (3), when conducting sales in-person, the advertisement shall include a brief description of the COVlD-19 health and safety measures that must be observed.

H.     Health and safety measures to include social distancing and the use of facial coverings over the nose and mouth will be required at sales.


THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON, AS TRUSTEE FOR CIT HOME EQUITY LOAN vs. JEFFERY LEE GRAY, et al., pending in Butler Circuit Court, 22-CI-00060, to collect $65,438.89 as of June 22, 2022, plus interest until paid, advances for taxes and insurance, reasonable attorney fees, the court costs herein expended, and the expenses of the sale. 

495 Leonard Oak Church Road, Butler County, Kentucky PVA Map #085-00-00-019.01

BEING THE SAME Land conveyed from Jeffery Lee Gray and Robin M. Gray, husband and wife, to Jeffery Lee Gray and Robin M. Gray, husband and wife, by Deed dated August 18, 2003 and recorded in Deed Book 173, Page 691, in the records of the office of the Butler County Clerk.


This the 11th day of January, 2023 Samantha Short Miller, Butler County Master Commissioner

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