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Magistrates deal with personnel, pay bills at short meeting

Butler County Fiscal Court met in special session on Thursday, March 27th. The short agenda contained only for items for the attention of magistrates.

The Court gave approval to advertise for a relief operator for a relief ferry boat operator. The previous relief operator is now a full-time employee, precipitating the need for a new relief operator. The position will pay $10.50 per hour, and will be advertised in both Butler and Ohio counties.

Next, the Court approved a pass-thru insurance payment to the 2nd District Fire Department. The payment is an insurance settlement in the amount of $1,217.17 for a vehicle damaged in an accident. Pass-thru payments must be presented to the Fiscal Court and then disbursed after approval.

Squires next approved the addition of Overlook Drive in the 5th District to the County Road list. This was the second reading of the motion to add the road, and passage means the road is now a part of county maintenance. The motion passed 5-0.

Magistrates next approved the termination and rehire of Shawn West at the Butler County Animal Shelter. West has been working as a temp at the shelter, and was terminated at the end of his work period, and then rehired as a part-time employee for less than 100 hours per month, at the pay rate of $9.50 per hour. The motion passed 5-0.

The final item on the agenda was the payment of routine bills and transfers. After a question from the Beech Tree News media representative, Judge-Executive David Fields clarified that a disputed bill from Chad’s Wrecker Service was not to be included in the payment. Fields explained that Chad Johnson has requested to come before the Court at their next regular session to discuss the bill. A motion was made to pay bills and transfers, excluding the bill from Chad’s Wrecker Service, and it passed 5-0.

With no other items on the agenda the meeting was then adjourned.


- Story by Joe K. Morris, Beech Tree News


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