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Magistrates appropriate $4,000 total in tax dollars for 2-1-1 & Morgantown Trail Town

Ellie Harbaugh of Southern Kentucky 2-1-1

"I am taxed out! I am retired and can't keep food on my table," said John Killen, a citizen who spoke at the Fiscal Court meeting.


Butler County Fiscal Court met on Monday, August 22, at the courthouse. All magistrates were in attendance: Stevie Givens, Kevin Phelps, Timmy Givens, David Whittinghill, and Dillon Bryant.

Ellie Harbaugh from Southern Kentucky 2-1-1 gave a presentation to the court. According to Harbaugh, 2-1-1 received 106 calls for assistance from Butler County residents last year. The number one request was utility assistance, followed by housing assistance. Most requests were referred to the Morgantown Mission, state government offices, or the Gasper River Association of Baptists. The court approved a $2,000 donation to 2-1-1.

Third District Magistrate Timmy Givens requested that $1,000 of his "Celebration" money be given to Butler County Cancer Assistance and the other $500 to Rochester Park. The request was approved.

The court also approved a donation to Morgantown Trail Town for $2,000.

Guest John Killen addressed the court to express his view regarding taxation.

"I am taxed out! I am retired and can't keep food on my table," said Killen.'

Killen questioned several items on the agenda and stated he thought there were some excellent programs but questioned the court giving away so much money. He stated that every time he turned around, there was an increase or another tax. 

Judge-Executive Tim Flener said he would gladly answer all Mr. Killen's questions after the meeting.

Timmy Givens asked that the Boat Dock at Rochester be removed. According to Givens, it is useless, and somebody will get hurt. Judge Flener said he would contact Rochester Mayor Pat O'Driscoll.

The court approved the following items on a 5-0 votes:

–Library tax rate

–Butler County Cooperative Extension District tax rates


–Transfer $35,000 from General Fund to Jail Fund

–Local Emergency Planning Committee Contract for FY 23

–Rochester River Gauge Agreement

–Advertise for Road employee

–Application for Litter Abatement Grant

–Litter Abatement payment to BCMS Football $550

–Flex Fund Agreement and Resolution for FY23




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