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Louisville residents travel to Butler County to camp and kayak at the Green River

They left before daylight Saturday morning, heading to the Green River in Butler County. Their team motto is "Adaptability is the Key to Success in 2020.” 

Positive people who love exploring the outdoors and believe you should leave no trace of where you have been, they enjoy kayaking and camping.  Kentucky offers a great selection of both.

Tim Eckert, 59, retired from the State Farm Insurance Company. Rick, Kevin, and David graduated high school together in 1973. Rick Jefferson, 65, retired from Stewart and Associates, an advertising firm. Kevin Mann, 65, retired from Kellogg's. David Luerman, 65, retired after 43 years with General Electric Appliances.

They were able to pack everything needed for the two-day adventure in their kayaks. They put in at the Aberdeen boat ramp at 9:00 am and paddled the eighteen miles to Reeds Ferry in about eight hours.

Judge Flener permitted them to set up a primitive camp where they ate and rested under a full moon.

After setting out on Sunday morning, they arrived in around seven hours at the Rochester Boat Ramp. 


According to the quartet, they are already looking forward to future trips on Kentucky's rivers. They appreciated the Butler County Rescue Squad putting up the mileage markers on the river. (Several months ago, this was done as part of the Morgantown Trail Towns program to help promote tourism for our county.) The groups described the Green River as  a great place to experience nature.


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