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Lookin' Thru Bifocals: Don Locke

My ideas, as I’ve said before: some come from books – but mostly from “the book of the world,” in which I’ve lived for 86 years.

            In the Greek, from which the New Testament is translated (about 19 times up ‘til now), tells us that the words: belief and trust; if I trust, I believe.” (Old Testament Hebrew).

            Chew on this: “belief passes, but to have believed, never does.”

            We need few words when we have something to say, but all the dictionaries will not suffice when we have nothing to say, and want desperately to say it. I heard a preacher preach for 2 hours one time. He should have quit after about 20 minutes. He kept saying, “if I had more time, I’d say more about this.” I thought, “I don’t think they make that much time this side of eternity.”

            “Busy work”: doing nothing is harmless, but being busy doing nothing is not, ponder this.

            When we get old there is an impatience with anything that happens free movement: Bed covers that wind-up around your neck; sorts that ride up; your pocket knife is harder to get to. Your backside wants to “stick” to your chair, even when there’s no glue there. When something hangs, you want to jerk it loose.

            Shobs never tired of saying that only the chosen few matters; “the majority of Commoners are pigs.”

            Yet it does happen that a he-pig marries a she-pig and a Leonardo DaVinci is born. (DaVinci The Cystline Chapel artist you remember)

            On a Doctor of Vetinary Medicine graduates, goes back to the hill country north of Cookville, Tennessee; operates a country store; sells everything from overshoes to overalls, and doctors’ livestock in his small community. You also could get a good baloney sandwich and crackers there.

            A slice of baloney and crackers; 15 cents then.

            A Ford truck factory worker in Detroit got the idea of a better tail fate on piques trucks. He designed it and took it to the brass, The Ford engineers laughed at him: “what does he know?”

            The new design allowed. The tail gate not only to let down, it allowed it to swivel to one side, on both right and left sides when needed.

            This blue-collar worker “stepped across the street,” showed it to the G.M. Truck management.

            They bought it, giving the blue-collar worker a handsome price for his invention, plus a new job, and at a new salary!

Kindest regards…


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