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Lookin' Thru Bifocals: Don Locke

Some thoughts on Christmas – the recent past celebration theory:
            A young lad was asked where Jesus lived.

            “He lives in a shoe box up in our attic,” he replied. “We bring him down when Santa Claus comes and put him under the tree. When Santa goes back to the north pole, we put him back in the box and take him back to the attic until next year.”

            This speaks for itself. I’ll not try to add anything… Despite the extent of our faith, we are still earthling; we live here. This is what we know best,

            Even the most devout among us, at the death of a loved one, we still hurt, we cry, sometimes we ask God how He could let this happen?

            We visit the graves of loved ones; we may talk to them as if they are still alive and can hear us… seeking a measure of comfort. We leave flowers and written notes.

            But this is our human side. We have to remind ourselves that Jesus came as one of us and lived among us for a time, feeling our discomforts and sorrows. He wept at the death of his friend, Lazarus, the bible tells us.

            At the death of mt sister at 23, my mother and daddy decided to leave our home town and move to Louisville to be close to my brother and his family. This was after I married and left home.

            For the longest, my mother couldn’t decide to go… “I don’t want to leave Joyce,” she said. Joyce was buried at home in our local cemetery. Mother knew Joyce wasn’t there… yet Mother was an earthling, devout Christian though she was.

            We try to wrap our minds around this faith, and keep reminding ourselves that we are, “saved by grace through faith…” the faith that Jesus came; died on the cross, and God brought Him back to life, so we can live forever, all because of Christians.

Kindest regards…


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