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Local Family Child Care Earns 5-STAR Rating in KY ALL STARS Child Care Quality Rating System

Lisa Lee, owner, director, and teacher of Lee’s Family Daycare, in Morgantown, KY has continued to maintain a high-quality early childhood setting in Butler County!  Lisa Lee received notice November 30, 2023, that she has once again met and exceeded the state’s criteria necessary to be rated as a 5-STAR early childhood setting!  According to data provided by the Family Child Care Network of KY at WKU Lisa Lee is the only certified Family Child Care Home in Butler County, and her home is one of two 5-STAR rated Certified Family Child Care Homes in Kentucky.

Lisa is the wife of Jeff Lee, mother of Katie Lee Wilson (Jordan) and Ernest Lee, and the proud grandmother of Ava and Owen Wilson.  Lisa began her journey as a family child care provider after her job with Sumitomo ended and she wanted a new career which involved educating young children.  In 2004, Lisa opened her doors as Lee’s Family Child Care Home caring for a maximum of six (unrelated) children in her home and she has continued to serve many children and families since that time!   

In 2005 she earned a Kentucky Director’s Credential, a state certificate that is earned though college coursework that shows individuals have business management and educational knowledge.  In 2009 she was awarded her Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education.  

Over the years, Lisa continued to set goals for high quality care and education she offers the children in her care.  She has been actively involved in the KY ALL STARS Quality Rating System since 2005.   KY All STARS is a voluntary system that is designed to show that the early childhood settings (child care, Head Start and public Preschool programs) are seeking higher standards of quality than the minimum requirements for licensing or certification.  The STARS program offers one through five-star ratings, with 5-STAR indicating the highest quality).  Some of the criteria are focused on the training and education of the provider, the quality of the interactions between children and adults, the involvement of families within the program, and of course, the quality of the learning activities and materials available for the children as they prepare to go to school.  

Lisa has actively continued her education, maintained certified regulatory requirements, as well as maintained the ALL-STAR standards, while providing care to children 5 days a week and being at school events for her own grandchildren!  In March 2023, Lisa Lee was acknowledged for her work as an outstanding provider in the Two Rivers Region at the statewide Family Child Care Conference. 

Kentucky has seen a decrease in Family Child Care Homes (as well as licensed centers) over the past few years, especially post Covid.  This has led many counties, including Butler, to be considered a child care desert.  The importance of quality early childhood education is key in helping children be prepared for school.  Most recently across the state, more children are going to kindergarten at five years old and earning “not ready” ratings on their kindergarten screening.  The first five years are the most important years when it comes to brain development and establishing a foundation for learning, so that when children do go to school, they are truly ready to learn!    Because of this important period of time and the lack of child care in many KY counties, the state is currently offering start-up grant awards (up to $5000) for individuals who would be interested in becoming a regulated Family Child Care Home, along with other incentives along the way as quality is increased.  

If you want more information on how to become a business owner and open your own Family Child Care Home, or if you want more info on how to access the financial assistance in opening a family child care home, please contact the Family Child Care Network of KY at 1-800-621-5908 or email at  .     

A Family Child Care Specialist is ready to assist you from START to STARS!   

Reminder:  KY law indicates that caring for more than three children, who are not related to you in a home, must be regulated setting.   


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