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Local candidates file for 2022 election

House Bill 172 has extended the filing deadline from January 7 to January 25, 2022.

As of January 7th the following individuals have filed to run for office:

Joey Franzell- Judge Executive

Shanda Phelps Lovell- PVA

Dustin Coots- 5th District Constable

Tony Givens- 3rd District Constable

Roy Lonnie Alford- 5th District Constable

Trenton Shain- 1st District Magistrate

12/29/21 Additional Filling:

Robert Cunningham- Second District Magistrate

12/28/21 Additional Filing

Jeff Raymer - 4th District Constable 

12/20/21 Additional Filing

Curtis Holland - 5th District Constable

12/16/21 Additional Filing

Cody Henderson - Surveyor

12/13/21 Additional Filing

Joey Dockery - 5th District Constable

12/2/21 Additional Filing 

Jeffery Brandon Barks - 3rd District Constable

11/29/21 Additional Filings

Osei Thomas- Fourth District Magistrate

11/24/21 Additional Filings

James Robert "Bob" Annis Butler County PVA

11/23/21 Additional Filings

Butler County PVA Jarrod Evans (R)

11/22/21 Additional Filings

Butler County Coroner Marty Jones (R)

Butler County PVA Kenny Swift (R)

Second District Constable Dale Willis 

11/19/21 Additional Filings

Butler County PVA Rebecca Jacobs (R)

11/18/21 Additional Filings:

Fifth District Constable Charles Childres (R)

Fourth District Magistrate David Whittinghill (R)

Third District Magistrate Curtis Allen Smith (R)

11/16/21 Additional Filings:

First District Constable Steven Wayne Johnson

First District Constable  James E. Thomason 

11/10/21 Additional filings:

Butler County Jailer Timmy Givens (R)

11/9/21 Additional filings:

Butler County Jailer Wayne Russ(R)

Butler County Jailer Ralph Spohn (R)

Update: Additional filings

Butler County Attorney Michele Duvall(R)

First District Magistrate Stevie Givens(R)

Butler County Jailer Jody Henderson (R)

UPDATE: Filing papers today

Butler County Sheriff Scottie Ward(R)

First District Constable Todd Meredith

Orginial Story:Campaign season officially opened in Kentucky on Wednesday, and seven Butler County candidates filed before 9:00 a.m. at the Butler County Clerk's office to make their rumored campaigns official.

Butler County Jailer Ricky Romans is not seeking reelection and several newcomers have expressed interest in the office.

Chris Reneer filed his papers to run for jailer on Wednesday morning.

Dana Phelps filed to run for Butler County Jailer.

Five incumbents filed papers to seek another term in office:

--Second District Magistrate Kevin Phelps (R)

--Butler County Clerk Sherry Johnson (R)

--Fifth District Magistrate Dillon Bryant (R)

-- Butler County Judge Tim Flener(R)

--Morgantown Mayor Billy Phelps

The last day to file for office is January 7, 2022.

Kentucky's primary election will be held on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.


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