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Little Miss & Mister Green River Pageants


0-6 Month Girls- First Runner Up Anna Jo Pendley daughter of Daniel and Morgan Pendley, Winner Oakleigh Reign Moore daughter of Miranda Maxfield and Seth Moore


0-12 Month Boys- First Runner -Up Kyler Capps son of Whitney Capps, Winner Axel Mattis Kane son of Tosha Lucas and Lauren Kane


7-12 Month Girls- Winner Savannah Nicole Pendley daughter of Garrett and Rebecca Pendley


13-23 Month Girls- First Runner-Up Adallen Grace Embry daughter of Addison Engler and Allen Embry, Winner Faith Sadler daughter of Cari and Tyler Sadler


13-23 Month Boys Winner Klay Hammers son of Michael and Jane Hammers


2-3 Year Old Girls- First Runner-Up Elizabeth Caroline Lancaster daughter of Hannah Jones, Winner Kaylin Marie Hooten daughter of Bobbie and Regina Hooten, second runner-up Evelyn Suzanne Barbee daughter of Chris and Angela Barbee


4-6 Year Old Girls- Second Runner-Up Aubree Grace Morgan daughter of Emily and Matt Cogburn, first runner-up Olivia Reese Embry daughter of Morgan and Trenton Embry, Winner Jakelyn Hernandez Thomas daughter of Ana and Juan Hernandez


7-9 Year Old Girls- First Runner-Up Destin Taylor Wester daughter of Lindsey Dunn and Dustin Wester, Winner Embrelyn McClintock daughter of Rob and Miranda McClintock


10-12 Year Old Girls- First Runner-Up Skyler Ritchie daughter of Bryan and Jessica Fishburn, Winner Jenelle Kimmel daughter of Matt and Elizabeth Kimmel



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