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Linda Hawkins announces new release: "With Him It Is Possible"

We are in the midst of a pandemic but we can be encouraged with a new title that is both inspiring and uplifting. Get a copy today! 

Linda J. Hawkins, owner of Heart to Heart is proud to announce the delivery of the newest "Baby" this week:

With Him It Is Possible.

Perfect subject, perfect content to inspire and bring hope,”Yes, God is still here, still listening!”

Pamper Mom This Mother's Day

In a time of much fear and uncertainty in the present world, this book brings a message of hope and faith in God. The experiences of the Acord family let us all know that God is in control. Holding to HIS unchanging hand in times of trial and stress brings the promise of peace and hope. With Him It Is Possible shines the light of hope in a dark world full of despair.

The seemingly insurmountable storms of life can be conquered by the Master of the Entire Universe. The storms of grief, pain, accusations, cancer, or even the sentence of impending death must give way to victory!

This is a family that believes the faith message, and has complete trust in God. They have stood for God and walked through the fire during the last five years of:

Author’s wife’s 4th stage cancer battle

A horrific accident resulting in a man’s death

Then resulting in lawsuit and trial

38-year-old son’s sudden death, week of his daughter’s birth

financial distress

author’s diagnosis of terminal brain cancer

What Other are saying!

An amazing account of God’s amazing grace and miraculous power! Reading this book has changed my view of the “important” things in life. A highly recommended read! --- Becky U.

Awe inspiring read of many hardships, trials, and miracles in the lives of a couple who has endured so much. This book depicts a modern-day Prodigal Son and Job story rolled into one. A must-read for a faith-building experience of what an awesome God we serve. From the stories to the journal entries one will draw strength from this couple's faith even in times of weakness. The faith portrayed leaves no doubt that God will supply our every need if we allow HIM to do so.  --- Tabitha M. owner IDK

...this book tells the story of the integrity with God they held firmly to. Once I started reading … hard to put it down… times I laughed and times I cried. --- Deana K.


Linda J Hawkins
Heart to Heart Publishing,Inc
528 Mud Creek Rd.
Morgantown, KY 42261



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