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Letter to the Editor: "Trash-talking cowards"

I posted this in Facebook but I think it would better serve the purpose here.  I just wanted to mention this young lady in Butler County who took her life.  My daughter said it was because a lot of people were writing hateful comments about her on Topix. I don't know if that is true as I do not read that smut.  However, I do know that kind of hateful behavior does occur on Topix forums.  In addition I have a few words I would like to say to all of you trash-talking cowards.   

First, it is real easy to sit behind a computer screen (instead of standing face-to-face with someone) and talk badly about them.

Secondly, anyone of you who are perfect and have never done anything wrong, then feel free to run your big hateful mouths about other people's problems and misfortunes. The rest of you who are not perfect (which I very well know is all of you), keep your mouths closed! I have said this before about other situations and it pertains to this one as well, although people have freedom of speech that doesn't mean you should always use it, especially when your cowardly selves are hiding faceless and nameless behind a computer.  

In addition, if this young lady in Butler County did take her life because of gossip on Topix, then I want all of you people that talked bad about her to know you all played a part in her death and you all should be ashamed! Even though this story is about a Butler County youth, the same type of problem exists on many of these local Topix forums and the sad part is, it is not just teenage kids spreading gossip and dissent. So those of you involved in that kind of behavior,(young, old, Butler County, Ohio County, etc.), the same message applies. You are cowards for not using your real names.  

In addition, when you are using your real names you are still full of gossip and hate and you should all be ashamed of yourselves! Words hurt people, whether they are true or not (and most of the time they are not true).  Either way,gossip hurts.  We should treat people the way we want to be treated or the way we hope someone would treat our family members. Life is not about who can get the most punches in or who's spouse is stepping out. If you all don't have anything better to think about or talk about then your lives must be pretty miserable and you certainly could use a little one on one time talking to God, instead of about one another. By the way, my real name is on here.

Michelle Hudnall Cobb



I have signed the petition to President Obama and the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C. urging them to take action regarding TOPIX and internet bullying. Internet bullying must be stopped and it will take federal action for this problem is nation-wide. I voted for and we passed anti-bullying legislation in 2008 to give the tools needed to school officials to deal with bullying in our schools. Our legislation is ranked by the National Anti-Bully Association as one of the strongest anti-bully state laws in the nation. As with all laws, it has to be enforced school officials or law enforcement officers. My heart goes out to the family of the girl to took her life recently due to internet bullying and to all families who have children who are dealing with this problem. It is a shame we have people who bully, kill, rob, sell drugs, etc., but we much deal with those matters firmly and the best we can.
I agree 100%. Well written.

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