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Letter to the Editor

Our Shot at Civil Liberties

What if there were seven children from Butler County in the ICU, two of whom were on ventilators?

What if we knew what put them there?  What if we knew how to keep our own children from adding to their numbers?  Would we do it?

                According to (July 14, report), that is the scenario playing out in Mississippi right now—seven children in the ICU, two on ventilators, all with the Covid 19 virus.  These children were too young to receive the vaccine.  The adults who transferred the virus to the children were not.

                Because we are Americans, we have civil liberties.  No one can force you to be vaccinated.  You have the right to contract the Covid 19 virus.  You also have the right to receive medical care if you get the virus.  If the medical care isn’t effective, you have the right to die from the virus.  You even have the right to carry the virus around in your body while you remain asymptomatic.  You do not, however, have the right to infect children who are unable to be vaccinated.

                If you don’t want to get vaccinated, then don’t.  Stay home, order everything online and make Jeff Bezos richer.  If you have to go to work, tell those around you about your choice, so they can make the decision about how close to you they want to stand.  If you work with children, carry hand sanitizer, and for Pete’s sake, don’t breathe on them.

                If you are healthy enough to ward off the virus without ending up in the hospital on a ventilator, good for you.  But remember, there are others who aren’t, and many of those are children.


Cheryl Hughes




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