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Letter to Editor

Respecting A Hero

I had the opportunity as a young Airman in the late 1980's to meet and become great friends with one of Morgantown's own citizens- Ricky Romans. As I befriended him he often talked of a man that was his hero. He described this man as a "Superman" type of individual. His eyes light up every times he talked of this man. That man was his grandfather, the late Jim Bat Johnson of Butler County, KY.

I, this proud Hoosier, had the opportunity to get to know Jim Bat thru the years of many visits to your BLUE NATION region. When I think of Jim Bat, two things come to mind: He lived life large and he left a legacy that not only should make his family proud but also left Our Maker, The Lord Jesus Christ, proud. Jim Bat did it right and he did it faithfully.

So as I visited with my daughter to pay our last respects to this great man, I just want to say thank you to the citizens of Morgantown and Butler County. You did it large and you did it right in giving back to this man that served your community for close to 50 years. It is people like Jim Bat Johnson that dedicate their entire lives to making this world a better place to live. They make sure they sacrifice their lives to make your lives better. They are truly God's chosen people and our world's Superman. Please never forget the shadow this legend left on your community.

Larry E. Lloyd Jr.
201 North D Street

Marion, Indiana 46952


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