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Last Day of School May 30th, School Day Extended 27 Minutes

School Board members Amy Hood Hooten and Charles Price. file photo

The Butler County Board of Education met in special session Tuesday night to determine when the last day of school will be and how to make up lost snow days.  Superintendent Scott Howard reported that newly passed state legislation waived the 170 day requirement for this school year but kept the 1,062 hours of instruction requirement.  Howard said that Butler County schools would reach the 1,062 hour mark on June 4, but schools could close on the originally scheduled date of May 30 if the Board added 27 minutes to each school day starting next week.
Discussion centered on which option to take.  Howard said there were disadvantages with both options, saying “Attendance in June is historically bad” but other area school districts have not had good results with extending the school day.  In response to questions from the Board, BCMS Principal Robert Tuck said that the school day could be lengthened by adding 4 minutes to each class period.  MES Principal Greg Woodcock suggested that adding 15 minutes in the morning and 12 minutes in the afternoon would be less disruptive to spring sports.  Board member Karen Evans wondered if a longer day would cause problems with students, particularly those with extracurricular activities.  Board member Amy Hood-Hooten stated that the feedback she’s had from parents has been supportive for making the school day longer.  Howard told the Board that he has no preference which option they chose.
After a period of discussion, Hooten moved to add 27 minutes to the school day and make May 30 the last day for students, and the Board approved the motion.  Howard stressed that buses would not run any earlier with the extended school day.

Story by Don Thomason, Beech Tree News


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