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KY Fish & Wildlife Officer's Actions Result in DUI Arrest

On Tuesday night David A. Bowlds was observed pulling out of Dabbs Apartments on Rochester Road by off-duty Kentucky Fish & Wildlife Officer Ethan Vincent.  He observed Bowlds almost strike an unknown female walking on the side of the road.  Vincent contacted Butler County Sheriff's Deputy Chris Reneer and continued to follow the vehicle. 

Bowlds almost hit a car at Helm Lane before continuing to Main Street where he wrecked, hitting flower pots and a trash can on the sidewalk in front of the Butler County Courthouse.  Officer Vincent detained Bowlds until Deputy Reneer arrived at the scene. Detecting a strong odor of alcohol, Reneer attempted to conduct a Standard Field Sobriety Test. However, Bowlds was so unsteady on his feet the test could not be completed. He could not stand without assistance from the officers.  Bowlds stated that he was drunk, would not follow directions, and started cursing officers.

Upon searching the vehicle for an insurance card, an open container of Bud Light was located.  Bowlds was lodged in the Butler County Jail and charged with: operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol /drugs .08 (agg. circumstances),  reckless driving,  operating on suspended or revoked license, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and possession of open alcohol beverage container in a motor vehicle.  He refused to complete the breath test stating he had a previous lung injury.
The vehicle sustained moderate damage to the front causing both front airbags to deploy.
Also, responding to the scene were Butler County EMS and Captain Paul Burden of the Morgantown Police Department.


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