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Kids On the Block educates Pack 208

South Central Kids on the Block uses the Japanese Bunraku style of puppetry to get their message across and, after a couple of minutes, you forget the puppeteers are there.

Cub Scouts leader Jessica Deweese was impressed that anyone could keep the group from ages 5 to 11 quiet for 20 minutes, but Kids on the Block accomplished that and answered many questions from the Pack.

Kids on the Block is an international organization that teaches over 20 different programs for kindergarten to the 6th-grade level.

Tuesday night, Renaldo, a blind boy from birth, emphasizes that he is different than most kids but enjoys being outdoors and playing beeper ball, a softball that has a beeper inside. When Renaldo hears it getting close, he swings away with his bat, and someone helps him run the bases.

Renaldo's puppet master was Amanda Guerra, Director of Programs.  She has been with Kids on the Block for nine years and said that they traveled to 20 different counties last year.

Mark, a boy born with cerebral palsy, is in a wheelchair.  His puppet master was Lyra McCarty, who has been with Kids on the Block for five years. Mark likes to play basketball, ride horses, go swimming and camping.

Renaldo and Mark are different but enjoy doing a lot of the things that the Cub Scouts do.

South Central Kids on the Block is supported by dozens of local groups and organizations.  For more information call 270-842-2259.

They can be contacted through Facebook - South Central Kids on the Block and online at



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