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Kentucky Homemakers Week is Perfect Time to Honor Mary Joe Franklin

Butler County Extension Office and Butler County Homemakers celebrated the thousands of hours that Mary Joe has given to our community over the past thirty years.

 She was born in Butler County eighty years ago near the Dimple community, and the family later moved to Provo.

Friends and family gathered at Charles T. Black City Park to celebrate; several people tried to guess how many Pork Burgers she had made for all the fundraisers for the Rural Development Center, Butler County Homemakers, and 4-H.

Greg Drake mentioned that she had probably given over ten thousand hours over all those years. Alecia Hillard had to keep a separate file on Mary Joe to keep track of everything.

She was given a very thick scrapbook of the many of the events over the years. There was a lot of storytelling and reminiscing at the park yesterday.

Congratulations to Mary Joe for all your service to the community.


Mary Joe and Tommy Franklin

Mary Joe and Tommy, Courtney Bradley, JenniferHarrison, Layna Snell, Sarah Dockery, Kevin Bradley, Janet Grant, Gina Dockery, and Renee McGuire

Greg Drake and Mary Joe


Jesse and Lloyd with Mary Joe

Sherry Johnson, Mary Joe and Suzanne Brosnan


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