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Kentucky Farm Bureau celebrates 50th consecutive year of membership growth

Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) set a new milestone in the organization’s already-storied history by celebrating its 50th consecutive year of membership growth. KFB surpassed last year’s record-breaking membership mark of 500,316 member families and has until the end of its fiscal year on October 31 to take the new total even higher.

“We are fortunate to have 50 years of continuous growth at Kentucky Farm Bureau,” said Mark Haney, president of KFB, “but, at the same time, we also recognize that we are ultimately harvesting the rewards of those who came before us.”

KFB passed the half-million membership mark for the first time in 2010, becoming just the third Farm Bureau in the country to eclipse the 500,000 member family level. As a result of the organization’s continued membership growth, nearly one out of every three Kentucky households is now a member of KFB.

“This organization thrives as it does today for two main reasons: We have a tremendous and enduring leadership base at both the state and county levels, and we have a staff and agency force with an unparalleled dedication to excellence,” said Haney. “They have led us to this historic moment.”

Officially assembling as the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation in November 1919, the organization began with an initial membership of approximately 7,000. The membership foundation that was laid more than nine decades ago, combined with the creation of the Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company in 1944 and several other member services along the way, launched KFB into phenomenal growth.

Standing the test of time, and flourishing throughout it, the organization remains true to its root mission. KFB is a voluntary organization of farm families and their allies dedicated to serving as the voice of agriculture by identifying problems, developing solutions and taking actions which will improve net farm income, achieve better economic opportunities and enhance the quality of life for all.


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