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Jr. Pro Basketball and Cheerleading in action

Every Saturday for the next couple of months you will find a large number of boys and girls in the gyms at Morgantown Elementary and North Butler.  Yes, that's right.  Jr. Pro boys basketball and cheerleading is in full swing.  This program provides students an excellent source of physical activity as well as provides opportunities for kids to learn some basketball and cheerleading skills.  

Jr. Pro basketball coordinator, Cody Donaldson, says, "The purpose of this program is not about promoting wins and losses but about teaching kids the fundamentals of the sport."  

And, that is exactly what you will see happening as several dedicated, volunteer coaches teach and instruct kids.  The basketball program is divided into three categories; 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th and 5th-6th.  1st and 2nd grade students come together and do drills for the first of the morning and then play 2 twenty minute halves.  There are approximately 20 1st and 2nd graders playing this season.  3rd and 4th grade consists of five teams, 4 from MES and 1 from NBES.  They practice a couple of times throughout the week and play games on Saturdays.  5th and 6th grade consists of four teams, 3 from MES and 1 from NBES.  They also practice a couple of times each week and play on Saturdays as well.  Total participation in this program is around 115. 

Jr. Pro also provides cheerleading opportunities.  NBES's cheerleading sponsor is Jessica Willoughby.  MES's sponsor is Lora King.  These two ladies work closely together with approximately 120 girls cheering between the two schools.

If you are looking for some entertainment and would like to support the youth of our county you should come out one Saturday (in December at North Butler, in January at Morgantown Elementary) and enjoy the action!



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