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Jones Funeral Chapel: A Familiar Business Gets A New Look

Michael Gary, Jan Jones, Missy Jones Gary, and Marty Jones

Jones Funeral Chapel has undergone a major remodel.  The renovation took nearly two months to complete, but the results are striking, from the foyer to the selection room.  The main chapel is half-again larger than before, with a new pulpit area and a beautiful, inviting fireplace.  The chapel can now seat 200 people.  Just off the main chapel is a sitting room that has also been enlarged.  A fireplace and TV (used for slide shows) were added to this room as well.

Every room in Jones Funeral Chapel has received new trim, drywall, ceilings, carpet and furniture.  Beautiful antiques are featured in the main chapel as well as the smaller chapel, which also has a new pulpit area.  

A new arrangement room was added, complete with an information center.  The purpose of the center is to help those making the arrangements to understand their options, in order to make a more informed decision.  “We offer services for every financial situation,” says Marty Jones, “We want to make sure that everyone is presented with all of the available options then they can pick what they want.”

The selection room has also been improved.  It now includes not only caskets, but also a cremation center.  The funeral chapel offers nine different cremation choices, from full service to direct cremation.  “A lot of people think you can’t have a viewing if arrangements have been made for cremation, but you can still have a full viewing beforehand,” says Jones.  Burial jewelry and urn vaults are also available in the cremation center.

The most aesthetically pleasing part of the improvements is the addition of five tropical finches.  The birds, which include three females and two males, are currently preparing to be parents.  They can be seen in their aviary enclosure sitting on eggs in nesting pockets or perched on small branches.  Jan Jones says she saw birds like these years ago at a convention in Louisville.  “They are more cost effective now than they were at the time,” she says.  These particular finches were purchased in Georgia.  “They have a calming effect on both adults and children,” Jan adds.

The staff at Jones Funeral Chapel is currently in the process of putting up their many Christmas trees.  The trees are covered in memorial ornaments, recognizing those who have passed through their doors.  They make a touching addition to the changes and improvements that the funeral chapel has undergone this year.

Gerald, Jan, Missy and Marty

Jones Funeral Chapel Information: 927 West G.L. Smith Street
                         Office hours:  8 – 4 Mon. – Fri.  
                                 8 – 11 Sat.    


Story by Cheryl Hughes, Beech Tree News


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