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Jenkins & Murphy Bearfest Royalty 2014

Trevor Jenkins and Lydia Murphy

Trevor Jenkins, son of Chelcey and Deanna Jenkins of Dunbar, and Lydia Murphy, daughter of Marty and Lora Murphy of Aberdeen, were crowned Homecoming King and Queen during Bearfest 2014 on Tuesday night.

Senior Representatives included:

Senior Class: Lydia Murphy, daughter  of Marty and Lora Murphy of Aberdeen and Clark Parker, son of Steve and Tammy Parker of Leonard Oak

Science Club: Ashlenn White, daughter of Bridgette Childres of the North Side and Tristan Elmore, son of Scott and Felicia Elmore of Morgantown

SUPA: Katona Dockery, daughter of Carlton and Mary Dockery of Morgantown and Vince Rice, son of Darren and Amanda Rice of Logansport

FCCLA: Laura Baseheart, daughter of Tony and Lisa Rhoades of Woodbury and the late Bill Baseheart  escorted by Kendall Cardwell, son of Anita Cardwell, and late Maurice Cardwell

FBLA: Allie Romans, daughter of Ricky and Kay Romans of the South Side and Jay and Nina Helms of Bowling Green and Austin McKinney, son of Steve and Christal McKinney of Sandy Creek

Spanish Club: Amy Rogers, daughter of David and Rita Rogers of Sugar Grove and Ethan Jenkins, son of Lori Kiper of Aberdeen and Kevin Jenkins of Barren County

FFA: McKinzey Smith, daughter of Steve Smith of Bowling Green and Kelly McKinney of Quality and Van Daugherty, son of Patrick and Lee Ann Daugherty of Dexterville/Banock

BETA: Ralen Johnson, daughter of Steve Johnson of Leonard Oak and Teresa Johnson of Dunbar and Tyler Johnson, son of Brian and Robbi Johnson of Logansport

Young Republican Club and Gamer’s Club: Mikayla Brown, daughter of  Deena Brown and Steve Brown both of Aberdeen and Joseph Franzell, son of Joey and Felicia Franzell of Woodbury and Michelle Franzell of Morgantown

Art Club: Sabrina Hall, daughter of Donnie Lee and Kelly Hall of Morgantown, and Keith Deweese of Brooklyn and Chris Decker, son  of  Lora Smith of Leonard Oak

Pep Club: Katie Graham, daughter of  Lori Graham of Logansport and Steve Graham of  Davis Crossroads and Trevor Jenkins, Chelcey and Deanna Jenkins of Dunbar

Math Club: Maddie Moore, daughter of Mike and Michele Moore of Morgantown and Zeke Woodcock, son of Greg and Teresa Woodcock of Cool Springs

HOSA: Natoshia White, daughter of Billy and Connie White of Morgantown and Jonathon Zlater, son of Jay and Cindy Hughes of Morgantown

Freshman: Allie Easley, daughter of Denny and Angie Easley of Morgatown and Rex Henderson, son of Pat and Aimee Henderson of Morgantown

Freshman: Madison Clark, daughter of Jack and Sherry Clark of Leonard Oak and Blake Graham, son of Lori Graham of Logansport and Steve Graham of Davis Crossroads

Sophomores: Hannah Peach, daughter of Sherry Whitaker of Morgantown and Robert Peach of Bowling Green and Ian Embry, son of Kenneth and Cindy Embry of Brooklyn

Sophomores: Callie Carwell, daughter of  Donald  and Tina Cardwell of Jetson and Nolan Johnson, son of Dan and Michaelle Johnson of Morgantown

Juniors: Rebecca Daugherty, daughter of Keith and Mona Daugherty of Morgantown and Jake Martin, son of Mark and Paula Martin of Sandy Creek

Juniors: Shawna West, daughter of Jenny Evans and Shawn West of Leonard Oak and Payton Bratcher, son of Heather Martin  and Chris Bratcher both of Morgantown

Crown Bearer and Escort: Case William Hooten, son of Amy Hood and Bobby Hooten both of Morgantown and Ann Marie Skaggs, daughter of Jason and Adra Skaggs of Cool Springs

2013 Queen Payton Grubb, daughter of Pat and Kim Grubb of Morgantown and King Rickey Palmer, son of Tom and Shellie Palmer of Logansport



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