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Jarrod Jacobs: The Making Of Many Books

            In the long ago, Solomon said, “And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh” (Ecc. 12:12). Solomon’s words ring true today, don’t they? When we think of all the books in existence on earth, the sheer volume is staggering! Perhaps one reason why there are so many books in existence is that many books have the wrong information in them! Therefore, upon the publication of a book, another book is then written to answer or correct the error in the first book. Take note of the U.S. Tax Code, and the numerous books associated with just that one subject — these too are books that are changed each year! We might also consider the fact that as man continues to observe and study the world in which he lives, more books are written to document the findings that we had not seen before. Therefore, it is easy to see how man can write so many books!

             In contrast with the “many books” men have written through the years, consider the fact that God has only written 66 books under one cover! Within the Bible, we find the mind of God revealed to man (II Cor. 2:10-13; II Pet. 1:20-21; II Tim. 3:16-17). This means that within the pages of the Bible are eternal truths that will lead us from earth to Heaven. Jesus said God’s word is truth (Jn. 17:17), and this is still the case! God did not have to issue “revisions” of the Bible every few years, with changes or corrections to the text. It was complete and perfect from the time the ink was put to the scroll! Yes, men have written “many books” over the years, but God did not need to.

             Within the pages of one sacred volume, we read of the creation of man (Gen. 1-2), of man sinning, and of the promise of a savior (Gen. 3). Within the Bible, we read of the establishment of a nation that would bring about our Savior (Gen. 12:1-3; Matt. 1; Lk. 3). This volume teaches us about a Savior’s love and sacrifice, and what to do to be saved from the sin we have committed  (Isa. 59:1-2; Matt.-Jn.; Acts 2:38). Imagine, God’s wisdom on these subjects, and many other subjects, are revealed to us within one small volume!

            The beauty and wisdom of God’s word are again seen when we consider the volume of commentaries men have written in the study of God’s Book! How amazing and even ironic that what God states in a sentence or two in the Bible, men can dissect and write numerous pages concerning that statement(s) and its application. (This irony is not lost on this author! Did you notice that this entire article is based upon only one verse of Scripture?)

             If God wanted, He could have had volumes and volumes of books written for men to study. Yet, in His wisdom, He gave us a book that can be read all the way through in a relatively short amount of time (60-70 hours on average). Let us thank God for His wonderful, life-giving, wisdom-producing, volume that teaches us what to do to be saved and prepares us for a home in Heaven.

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