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Jarrod Jacobs: Just Like You??

What if you knew of people who were trying to be just like you? What if folks wanted to dress like you, act like you, talk like you, be employed at the same place, live in the same town you live in, etc.? What would you think of people like that? Do you think this would be a wise thing for folks to do? Would you encourage people in this pursuit? Why or why not?

             Do we realize that there are some people who are exactly like those we have described above? Those who so often want to be just like us are our CHILDREN! How often have we as parents heard our children tell us, “I want to grow up to be just like you.”? While this is nice to hear from a little one, in the back of our minds, parents are thinking, “Oh, no, you don’t! I have this fault, and that fault, etc.” Perhaps we think, “Don’t be like me; be better than me.” Of course, in all things, we need to point our children to Christ (Eph. 6:4), encouraging them to be like Him in all things (I Pet. 2:21-22).

             Many times, though, our children will look to us and strive to be like us. Children will often talk, walk, and act like their parents. Much of this is an unconscious act, but there are also conscious choices children make to be like mother or father. I have seen that even into “old age,” some folks still look like their parents and even act like their parents.

             Having said this, does this not place some needed pressure on parents to make sure our examples are right before our children? In Matthew 5:16, Jesus says we need to let our lights shine before others so that they may see us and glorify God. Indeed, this passage applies in the home as much as anywhere else! This is also true of Matthew 7:12, where Jesus tells us to treat others as we want to be treated. Shouldn’t this begin at home? Of course, it should! Paul tells us not to lie in Colossians 3:9. Let us make sure to never lie to our children! What do our children see in us? They are often but “mirrors” of what they see and hear in the home. What are they seeing and hearing?

             Let us expand this thought a little more. What if other people, not just your children, were looking to you to see how to act? What if folks wanted to be “just like you” in the area of being a Christian? (Are you a Christian yet, Mk. 16:16?) What then? What would they see?

             What do these little ones (and not-so-little-ones) see when they look at you? Are we teaching them the importance of Bible study (II Tim. 2:15)? Are we teaching them the importance of worshipping God (Jn. 4:24; Heb. 10:25)? Are we teaching them to control their anger and their tongues (Eph. 4:26-27; Jas. 3)? Are we teaching our children the need for acting on what we have learned (Phil. 4:9; Jas. 2:24, 26)? Or, do they see people who “say and do not” (Matt. 23:3)? There is someone trying to be “just like you!” What is this little one going to be when he grows up?


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