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Jarrod Jacobs: Jesus Christ: The Most Misunderstood Person In History

When reading the Bible, we understand that our redemption from sin is the theme of the book. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me to see how this simple theme is misunderstood and how people can so misunderstand prophecies concerning a coming Savior. People not only misunderstood the facts about Christ in “Bible days,” but He is also misunderstood today! What is it that makes Christ so misunderstood? It is that people attached their wishes and thoughts to Him rather than letting Christ speak for Himself! Please take note of the following.

 In The First Century:

·         Some expected Christ to be a military leader to overthrow Rome and rule in Jerusalem on a literal throne. This expectation was evident on several occasions. Please read the following verses and see this fact (Matt. 20:21; Jn. 6:15; Lk. 24:21; Acts 1:6).

·         Some looked upon Christ as merely another prophet from God (Matt. 16:13-14; Jn. 4:19). In other words, they didn’t appreciate who He really is. They thought he was merely another prophet with a message from God. Yet, He was/is much more!

 ·         Still others saw Christ as an imposter and rebellious to Abraham and the law of Moses (Jn. 5:45-47, 8:38-40, 53-58; Matt. 27:63). Many felt their power and influence was threatened by what Christ said and what He represented. Therefore, they lied about the Lord and tried to make folks believe that Jesus was an imposter so that they wouldn’t lose the “power” they had.

 ·         There were a few, though, who understood Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ (Jn. 3:2, 4:25-29, 42, 9:33-38; Matt. 16:16). These few are what made all the difference in Bible days. These are the ones who taught the truth of Christ wherever they went.

 In Like Manner, Today:

·        Christ  is looked upon as merely a prophet by many. Some people blatantly deny that He is the Son of God.

 ·         The millennialists still expect Christ to be an earthly ruler with a military campaign to defeat Satan and rule in Jerusalem on earth one day. Yet, Christ never promised such a thing would occur.

 ·         Others see Christ as their personal “genie,” granting wishes, and providing earthly treasures. Such is the “gospel of health-and-wealth” taught by many today. Christ never taught it!

 ·         There are also those who look upon Christ as the author and sustainer of the varied and conflicting churches in the world. Does a position that says Christ approves of the religious division of the day agree with such passages as I Corinthians 1:10, John 17:20-21, and Ephesians 4:4-6?

            Yet, how many see Christ as He is? He is our Savior and redeemer (Lk. 19:10; Titus 2:14). He built only one church (Matt. 16:18; Rom. 16:16). He has only one plan of salvation (Acts 2:38), which produces Christians only (Acts 11:26). He is a spiritual king concerned with our spiritual welfare. He wants us in Heaven with Him one day (II Pet. 3:9; Rom. 2:7-11). Do you believe this?

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