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Jarrod Jacobs: “It’s Hard For Thee To Kick Against The Goads”

When Saul saw Christ on the road to Damascus (Acts 9), among other things, Jesus told Saul that it was hard for him to kick against the goads (pricks, KJV) in Acts 9:5. We might not be familiar with this term since we drive “horseless carriages.” A goad was a pointed instrument strategically placed so that if a horse, ox, or another beast of burden rebelled and kicked, the goad would hurt his hoof or leg and hopefully cause the animal to stop kicking before greater damage was done to himself or the burden he was pulling. We have heard the term “goad” or “goading,” meaning to urge someone to do something. In this case, it is by one’s remarks that one acts or is “goaded” into an action. Perhaps you have been “goaded” to do something in the past? This word’s origin is based on the actual instrument called a “goad” that men used on animals long ago.


In the case of Saul, we see that as hard as he tried to fight against God (Acts 26:9), he would discover that it was a losing battle! The “goads” he kicked against only caused him to be injured. God wins every time!

When we read the book of Esther, we find that Haman was fighting a similar battle. He was kicking against “goads” while he served the king. In this case, the “goad” had a name -- Mordecai! It seems that the more Haman kicked against God’s servant, the more he ended up getting hurt! Take, for example, the anger and frustration he felt at Mordecai when he refused to bow down (Est. 3:5). Haman thought killing Mordecai and the Jewish nation would make him feel better (Est. 3:6, 12-13). Yet, it wasn’t too many days until Ahasuerus asked Haman to honor someone, and it ended up being Mordecai (Est. 6:1-12)! Ouch! That had to hurt! Then, upon returning home after that parade, his family told him that if he did this for Mordecai, then it must mean that he would fail (v. 13-14). More emotional pain -- this time from his family! Yet, none of this caused Haman to pause, reflect, or repent. He was unlike Saul (or Paul) in this way (Acts 9:6, 9-10, 22:16)!

Finally, Haman’s plan was discovered, and in the cruelest twist, he was taken and killed on the very gallows he had made for Mordecai (Est. 7:10, 5:14)! Later, we learn that his ten sons were slain in a similar fashion (Est. 9:10, 13-14). Haman finally understood that God wins everytime! Unfortunately, it was too late for him.

Against what “goads” are you kicking? Be honest! What are you doing that is opposed to

God’s word? Why are you still refusing to repent of your sins (Lk. 13:3; Acts 2:38)? Why do you fight being baptized (Mk. 16:16; I Pet. 3:21)? The only way to get relief is to stop kicking against God and do what He says! Be like Saul/Paul and change your life while you can. Get forgiveness and live for the Lord (Acts 22:16; II Tim. 4:6-8)! Don’t end up like Haman!




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