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It's in the Love, Not the Blood: Magical Moments

About 2 years ago, our six year old son, Jax, got it into his head that we were going to Disney World.  Jax has been saving every single piece of change he has “found” which included change that may have been inadvertently left on a counter, dresser, the car, or in my purse.  In other words, if the change was left out in the open, it was fair game.  Every time we would ask Jax what he was going to do with the money, he would say, “We are going to Disney World.”  The reason I tell you all of this is because, we had never said a word to anyone about going to Disney World; this was all Jax’s idea.   Two weeks ago, my husband and I were able to make his dream come true. 

As we approached the gates to Disney World a few days later, Jax looked out the window and said “Somebody pinch me!”  Which sent uncontrollable laughter amongst us but it became one of the most precious moments of my entire life.  As we purchased the tickets for 6 people (which only cost us a kidney each) the ticket agent asked if this was our first visit.  All the boys, my husband included, enthusiastically said yes at the same time and she preceded to hand us these big buttons that proclaimed to everyone that it was our “1st Visit!”  I smiled and handed mine back and told the lady that I had been here as a child, to which she replied, “That may be true but you have never been here as a mom” and handed me back my button.  My heart melted. 

As we entered the Magic Kingdom and I watched the expressions on the boy’s faces, I had a moment when I couldn’t help but wonder what if Michael and I had listened to the people that tried to tell us that we couldn’t handle raising 4 children? Or what if my husband and I had never decided to be foster parents; where would the boys be now?  Since my two oldest boys were adopted at an “older” age, would they have found a home?  Would they have been adopted together or separated because of their ages?  Would my two littlest ones grown up not knowing that they had brother somewhere?

As we exited Space Mountain for the first time that day, my son Jax looked at me and said, “We HAVE to do that again!!”  I knew exactly how he felt.  Just like the ride, with all its twists and turns, all the while zooming at a high rate of speed in complete darkness, not knowing what waited around the next curve, I would have travelled the adoption road again, just to see this magical moment in time. 

C. Denise Lambrianou is the Program Coordinator for Family Enrichment Center-Adoption Resource Program, which is funded in part by a grant from the Cabinet of Health and Family Services, Department of Protection and Permanency and Wendy’s of Bowling Green. 

If you would like information about becoming a foster or adoptive family, or you would like to inquire about a featured child, please call (270) 781-6714 x 3 or (866) 842-9032 x 3.

Meet Jasmine:
Please meet Jasmine (6/2000)! She is good natured, has a delightful personality, and is an active child, who loves to use her energy, whether playing basketball or softball or just running around outside. Jasmine is full of life, athletic, and a curious young woman. Jasmine’s first love is basketball and she appears to be above average compared to other children her age who play. Jasmine has been described as likeable, a social girl who makes friends easily, very talkative and one who does not hesitate to ask questions. This young lady is beginning to enter her teenage years and as it is well known, boundless patience and understanding is truly a part of parenting a teen. As she approaches this exciting time, not only guidance and structure is needed, but knowing she has a permanent family to be there for all the events of her life will allow her to blossom into the future. Jasmine will need some time to adjust to a new family, but don’t let this keep you from meeting her. With careful preparation, she can make a successful move. Jasmine has made great strides in her life. There is no saying how far she can go with consistency, love, and stability. You could be the home that offers all of that to her!


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