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Insurance, dirt hauling, bids, and county clean-up discussed by magistrates

Butler County Fiscal Court met in special session on Monday night, April 28th, with all members present. The Court dealt with a short agenda.

Gina Tynes from Hocker Family Insurance presented the Court with employee health insurance rates for the upcoming fiscal year. Tynes brought the squires a proposal that increased premiums by only 6%. Due to changes caused by the Affordable Care Act and inflation, the 6% increase is good according to Tynes. The Court unanimously accepted the new rates.

Next, the Court approved an inner-local agreement between Butler County and the City of Rochester for dirt-hauling. The hauling would help the City of Rochester with their ballpark renewal plan. The Court approved the agreement by a 5-0 vote.

Bids were reviewed again for cleaning of the Butler County Courthouse. Bids were considered at the regular monthly meeting of the Court for April, but action was postponed so that references could be gathered for all the bidders. At Monday’s meeting the matter was tabled once again because references have still not been checked.

County Road Supervisor Timmy West reported to the magistrates about the recently completed City/County Clean-Up Days. West said that more than 72 tons of refuse was dumped at the County Barn, totaling 16 dumpster loads. That figure is up from just over 38 tons collected in 2013. Because of the success the Court expressed interest in possibly having more clean-up days in the fall.

The final item of business was the presentation of the County Budget for the coming fiscal year. No action was taken or required, the budget was only presented to the squires for examination.

The meeting was then adjourned.


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