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Ingram Brothers Celebrates National Driver Appreciation Week

Last week was National Driver Appreciation Week.  Ingram Brothers held a breakfast and meeting to express their appreciation for their truck drivers and employees.  At the meeting they also introduced a new employee benefits package.  Not all drivers were able to attend the breakfast/meeting.

"We want our drivers to know we appreciate what they do for us on the road and on the job.  We feel like our family has a particular appreciation for truck drivers with our long family history in this business," said Eric Ingram, of Ingram Brothers.

"We want our drivers to know we care about them and understand the challenges they face every day.  Being away from home is tough on families, fathers, mothers, and children.  Without truck drivers who are willing to take these loads our country would literally stand still.  We believe our guys are outstanding and we wouldn’t be where we are today without their good efforts.  Our hat is off to you and to all the truck drivers of this nation," added Ingram.  


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