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Home Break-In

The Butler County Sherriff’s Office is investigating a break-in which occurred during the daylight hours on Tuesday. According to Deputy Chris Reneer the home of David Coleman at 2658 Cool Springs Road was broken into sometime between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. while Coleman was at work. Reneer said the robbers forced their way through a walk-thru garage door to gain entry into the home. Thieves took an undetermined amount of jewelry from the home.
Reneer said despite having close neighbors that no one saw anything suspicious at the home, but he feels like somebody still might have information that could break the case. “Somebody might have seen something and not thought anything about it, but it might be what we need to figure this out,” said Reneer.
If you have any information concerning the breakin, or if anyone approaches you about purchasing some ‘bargain’ jewelry you should contact the Sheriff’s office at 270-526-3676.


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