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Healthy Eating by Shelby Shelby

August 29th is National More Herbs, Less Salt Day

Did you know that August 29th is National More Herbs, Less Salt Day? On this day each year, Americans are encouraged to reduce their intake of salt and try seasoning with other spices, such as herbs. Salt-free cooking can be tasty and satisfying while protecting your heart.

So what is the big deal about salt? Salt is made up of sodium, a mineral that our body needs. Unfortunately, consuming too much salt is associated with health problems, like high blood pressure, that put stress on your heart. The American Heart Association recommends that Americans consume no more than 2300 mg of sodium each day—this is the amount of sodium found in 1 teaspoon of salt. The sodium recommendation for those with high blood pressure is even lower at 1500 mg per day. However, the average American consumes 3400 mg of sodium each day.

Lowering your sodium intake can improve your health, but you may not be sure where your sodium is coming from. Follow these simple steps to identify where you may be eating too much sodium and start lowering your sodium intake today.

1.Remove the salt shaker from the table. Not adding salt to your foods will help you reduce how much salt you have each day.

2.Beware the “salty six.” The American Heart Associated reports the “salty six” are the top 6 foods that contribute the most sodium to the American diet. These include: breads & rolls, pizza, sandwiches, cold cuts & cured meats, soup, and burritos & tacos. Reducing your intake of these foods or finding low sodium versions can help reduce your sodium intake.

3.Read the nutrition facts label. When shopping for your foods at the store, take a moment to look at the nutrition facts label on the package. Sodium is listed halfway down the label. Try to choose foods that have 140 mg or less sodium per serving.

4.Be choosy when eating out. Often foods we order at fast food or sit-down restaurants are high in sodium. Don’t be afraid to ask the restaurant to go “easy on the salt” for your meal. You can also choose lower sodium foods, like steamed vegetables and grilled meat, or choose a smaller portion.

Try this salt-free seasoning blend at home to spice up your favorite meals without extra sodium.


All-purpose Salt-free Seasoning


•4 tsp onion powder

•2 tsp garlic powder

•1 tsp paprika

•½ tsp oregano

•½ tsp chili powder

•½ tsp ground pepper


1.Combine seasonings in sealed container. 

2.Use with main dishes, vegetables, or soups.


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