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BtN Candidate Questionnaire: Harold Ray West

1) Please describe the duties, as you see them, of holding the seat of which you are seeking and how you plan to fulfill those responsibilities.

Approving the city's budget, helping to provide a safe place for people to live, promoting industrial recruitment and new business, and showing good common sense are the main duties of a Morgantown City Council member. 

2) What do you feel is the #1 issue that needs to be addressed in Morgantown/Butler County? If elected, what specific steps will you take to address this issue?
I believe the main issues are keeping the city's police department , working to lower occupational taxes, and encouraging new job growth and business development.

3) What do you see as Morgantown/Butler County’s greatest asset? How do you plan to expose and promote this positive feature?  One of Morgantown's greatest assests is its people and the many skills and talents they possess.   Also, the city's location near I-65, Western KY Parkway, and Natcher Parkway make it attractive for continued economic development. 

4) Where do you see Morgantown/Butler County in five years? With strong leadership and effective policies, I see Morgantown growing in the next five years with more jobs and local businesses.

5) What qualifications do you believe you possess that would make you qualified for the position you are seeking? I bring a of experience to the table having served on the council seven times.  My background in the U.S. Navy and my experience starting and running a small business make me uniquely qualified to serve on the Morgantown City Council. 

6) What role, if any, do you feel technology has in the future of Morgantown/Butler County? (High speed internet, 3G cellular service, virtual presence of our city/county, etc…)

I believe all of the things mentioned above - high-speed internet, 3G celluar service, and the city having a greater virtual presence on the internet - are important to the continual growth of Morgantown.  As a member of the city council, I will look for ways for the city to progress in these areas. 

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