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Happy Feet provides over 70 new pairs of shoes to local children

Brand new shoes are now on the feet of 77 Butler County children thanks to the Happy Feet Equals Learning Feet program.

Happy Feet partnered with the Family Resource Youth Service Center of Butler County to bring new pairs of shoes to children who were in need for the upcoming school year. An event was hosted at Fire House Pizza in Morgantown on Wednesday, July 31 that allowed students to come and get the shoes.

Throughout the previous school year, Butler County school staff were given the chance to refer students from the schools in the county that they observed who may be in need of shoes. A total of 77 students were referred and earlier this summer, were measured for their shoes. Children and their families were invited to attend the event at Firehouse that allowed them to pick up the shoes. Free pizza, ice cream and drinks were given to those in attendance.

The program operates by coordinating events and fundraisers in local communities to develop sources of funding. This previous school year, high school students took part in a dodgeball fundraiser at the high school and raised $900 that went toward the funding the purchase of shoes for their fellow classmates.

Happy Feet aims to remove the burden of not having a basic necessity such as shoes that may hinder academic performance in school. In doing so, their goal is to, “provide shoes to children in need so they can better focus their efforts on learning.” The program believes that a new pair of shoes can build self-esteem and reduce teasing and bullying in schools. According to Founder and President Jerry Baird, “A happy student becomes a happy learner.”

The program, which was started in 2009, has grown to serve multiple counties throughout Kentucky. Butler County was among the first of three counties that Happy Feet will be traveling to consecutively this week to provide shoes to before the start of school. Happy Feet has recently secured four more locations that will be included the in the areas that the program serves. These locations include Fulton City, Fulton County, Hickman County and Lyon County. Happy Feet also currently serves the following counties: Danville/Boyle, Dawson Springs/ Hopkins, Caldwell, Christian, Crittenden, Davies, Henderson, Lincoln, Livingston, Marshall, Mayfield/Graves, Muhlenberg, Ohio, Union and Webster Counties as well as Harrisburg Illinois.  

For more information on Happy Feet or to donate, visit or contact the President at 270-952-2006. Information can also be found by contacting the Family Resource Youth Service Center at 270-999-2686 for elementary and 270-526-4800 for middle and high school.


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