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Halen saved Brandon's life by donating his kidney

National Donate Life Month is celebrated every April.  Beech Tree News will be sharing local donor and reciepents' stories.

Harlen's Story

I am a living donor. My nephew, Brandon’s kidney was removed when he was 3 days old. I was happy to be able to donate a kidney to him because he wouldn’t be here today to see his son run and play. I would encourage everyone to get on the registry or even be a living donor if possible. It was well worth it to see him doing so well!!

Brandon's Story

I was born with prune belly syndrome. At 3 days old, my first kidney was removed. I felt okay until I graduated high school. I had to start dialysis after my high school graduation in the Summer of 2001. I was on dialysis for 2 years when my uncle Harlen was tested and matched 3 out of the 5 criteria needed to be my donor. I received my first kidney transplant in 2003.On a Saturday night in early 2014 I knew something wasn’t right but was able to go to church the next morning. I was rushed to the ER after church where I was told they couldn’t believe I was alive. I started dialysis again then.

In December 2015 I was anointed at church and the very next week I received the call for another transplant. That’s how God works! I am doing pretty good now. Because of two organ donors I am enjoying life with my 7 year old son. I continue to serve as a Constable and have accepted the call into the ministry.

 “If it wasn’t for God and the Organ Donor Program, I wouldn’t have a kidney…TWICE!”



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