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Green River Waste: Local Waste Management Company to Begin County-Wide Routes

Shirley Flener, Angie Flener, Beth White and Louis White

Business will be picking up very soon for Green River Waste, a new waste management company based right here in Butler County.  The company was formed by county residents, Shirley Flener and his daughter, Beth White.  With Beth’s husband, Louis, involved in daily operations, the company is very much a family operation. 

Louis White and Shirley Flener both have backgrounds in waste management—their   combined experience totals over 30 years.  Flener says he’s thought about establishing a waste pick-up business for a few years, and now just seems like the right time.

Green River Waste has sent out mailers, and they also have people going door to door to give potential customers more information about the service.  Beth White says the response has been very good, and several people have already come on board.

For now, the company will service residential and commercial accounts, and as the business grows, industrial accounts will be added.  Flener says that in the future, they also plan to work with the city and county governments to implement a recycling program, and also to work with the schools on an educational program.

Louis White stresses that, “Safety will be the company’s first priority.”  The trucks used by Green River Waste are contained, which means no trash hitting other vehicles or being left along the roadside.  White emphasizes the advantages of dealing with a local company.  “If a customer has an issue, we’ll take care of it,” he says, “and you’ll always see a familiar face behind the wheel.”  Flener echoes the importance of being located in the county.  “We’re striving to use all of the Butler County resources we can use in growing our company,” he says.

The first pick-up date is scheduled for December 1.  The route dates have not been set, but will be posted on Beech Tree News when they are established.  The fee for residential trash pick-up is $20 per month and is billed quarterly.  The 96 gallon garbage totes are supplied for free, with each additional tote costing an extra $10 per month.  

Green River Waste is offering an introductory special that allows customers who sign up and pay their first quarterly bill in November to receive their December pick-up free.  The company accepts cash, checks, debit and credit cards, and can also set up recurring bill pay for customers who want the account. “We want our company to be known for high quality and hometown service,” says Beth White.

Green River Waste can be reached at 270-999-5458.  Email contact is  Mailing address is P.O. Box 7, Morgantown, KY  42261.

 * * * 

Story and photo by Cheryl Hughes, Beech Tree News.















All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so happy to know that Butler County will have this new waste removal service. Every time I pay for the service that we have now, I am angered b/c the amount continues to increase & none of it benefits Butler County. It is so wonderful to have other choices that will lead to recycling and educational programs for our schools, too. Congratulations! We will be moving our service soon. Fred & Phyllis Tate
Congrats on the new business!

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