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GRCF Terrapin Race 2019: Cason McLean, Alex Phelps & Aiden Henderson take overall top prizes

Cason McLean won the Grand Finale Race; Alex Phelps was runner-up; and Aiden Henderson finished in third place.

A total of 295 terrapins and nearly as many smiling children gathered around the basketball court to take part in the annual terrapin race at the 2019 Green River Catfish Festival.  Always a crowd favorite, the event featured 18 “Heat” Races with first, second and third place finishers receiving cash prizes - $15, $10 and $5, respectively.  First place finishers in each heat race then competed in the Grand Finale Race for the top payout of $45 for first, $35 for second and $30 for third place, as will as custom trophies provided by R.B. Griffith


Cason McLean won the Grand Finale Race; Alex Phelps was runner-up; and Aiden Henderson finished in third place.


Below are the top finishers in each heat race:  


Heat Race #1

1st-Paige Hudnall

2nd-Lula Hop

3rd-Ben Runion


Heat Race #2

1st-Casen McLean

2nd-Caden Southerland

3rd-Owen Henderson


Heat Race #3

1st-Aden Henderson

2nd-Paige Hudnall

3rd-Roslynn Cox


Heat Race #4

1st-Hunter Decker

2nd-Libby Morgan

3rd-Kevin House


Heat Race #5

1st-Emma Winchell

2nd-Liam McGrew

3rd-Braden Tomes


Heat Race #6

1st-Emma Winchell

2nd-Lily Dockery

3rd-McKinnon Lee


Heat Race #7

1st-Emmalyn Southerland

2nd-Caden Burden

3rd-Makenlee Jones


Heat Race #8

1st-Jax Coomer

2nd-Ava Coots

3rd-Hadley McKinney


Heat Race #9

1st-Alex Phelps

2nd-Charlie McKinney

3rd-McGuyer Lee

Heat Race #10

1st-Contessa West

2nd-Whitley Dockery

3rd-Mae Givens


Heat Race #11

1st-Wyatt Martin

2nd-Whitley Fugate

3rd-Kaitlyn Hooten

Heat Race #12

1st-Troy Proctor

2nd-Tanner Farris

3rd-Kylie Overstreet


Heat Race #13

1st-Tanner Farris

2nd-Bo Inman

3rd-Cash Corley


Heat Race #14

1st-Reagan Hill

2nd-Chloe Camplin

3rd-Dustin Webster


Heat Race #15

1st-Titus Colburn

2nd-Cody Hop

3rd-Abby Hines


Heat Race #16

1st-Isabella Embry

2nd-Abbott Givens

3rd-Ryman Lee


Heat Race #17

1st-Harris Ross

2nd-Jena Tomes

3rd-Emersyn Jenkins

Heat Race #18

1st-Kassina Roderson not pictured

2nd-Jay Statzer

3rd-Carley Woolen


The Green River Catfish Festival Terrapin Race is sponsored by Cassia Lodge #272 F&AM, Jones Funeral Chapel and Monument Company, Henderson Land Surveying, Butler County Shrine Club, Beech Tree News, Drake’s Farm Service, and R.B. Griffith.

Photos by Jeremy Hack, Hack Photography 


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