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GRCF Pageants: 2-7 Year Old Winners

Several young ladies took the stage on the second night of the Green River Catfish Festival in the 2-7 year olds pageants. 

2 Year Olds:

Winner: Stella Jo Embry, daughter of Brent and Andee Easley

First Runner-Up: Madeline Ann Long, daughter of Bobby Long and Lelia Jones
Second Runner-Up: Jerzeigh Sykes, daughter of Jessica Donaldson and Josh Sykes

3 Year Olds:

Winner: Emma Grace Whitaker, daughter of Cameron and Stephanie Hampton, and Kyle and Sherry Whitaker

First Runner-Up: Nevaen Renee Johnson, daughter of Ashley McDowell and Jacob Johnson
Second Runner-Up: Madilynn Mae House, daughter of Matt and Ashlee House

4-5 Year Olds:

Winner: Jenelle Kimmel, daughter of Matt and Elizabeth Kimmel

First Runner-Up: Kyra Lynn Webster, daughter of Jeff and Krista Webster
Second Runner-Up: Jenna Brooke Tomes, daughter of Brandon and Deana Jo Tomes

6-7 Year Olds:

Winner: Parker Reese Willoughby, daughter of Travis and Ashley Willoughby

First Runner-Up: Brilynn Howard, daughter of Brian and Sabrina Howard
Second Runner-Up: Miley Franzell, daughter of Chris and Joy Franzell



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