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GRCF: Pageants 0-7

 The zero to seven year olds kicked off the 2024 pageants of the GreenRiver Catfish Festival.  The event was sponored by Laurie Keen Photography, Tiffany's Tanning, and Becky Hankins. Winners included:



6-7 year old girls 

Winner Aubrie Taylor daughter of Chasity and Andy Taylor

1st runner up Emilie Kate Frank daughter of Chad and Devon Frank

2nd Runner ups Jernie Kay Grayce Barks daughter of John and Kristina Barks

 Emmersyn Mae Jenkins daughter of Nick Jenkins and Erin Jenkins


 4-5 year old girls

Winner Stella Jay Webb daughter of Josh and Jessica Webb

1st runner up Elizabeth James Sipes daughter of Bryana and Molly Sipes

2nd Runner ups Josie Marie Hack daughter of Timmy and Jenna Hack

 Ava Sorrels daughter of Jessica White and Chris Sorrels



3 year old girls 

Winner Maci Henderson  daughter of Courtney and Jason Henderson

1st runner up Bethany Ann Yates daughter of Sarah Staples and Tiler Yates 

2nd Runner up Willow West daughter of Austin and Olivia West



2 year old girls

Winner Harleigh Harris dsughter of Justin and Brianna Harris

2nd Runner up Emma Flener daughter of Keston and Laura Flener

1st runner up McKinley Grace Logsdon daughter of Madeline and Dylan Logsdon



19-23 month girls

Winner Blakeley Nave daughter of Virginia and Austin Nave 

1st runner up Rosie Fountain daughter of Marylou Egglestan and Jayvon Fountain

2nd Runner up (tie) Blakely Jo Summers daughter of Joey and Jamie Summers

 WrenLee Bratcher daughter of Colten and Bayhonna Bratcher



13-18 month boys

Winner Linxton Avans  son of Austin and Kayla Avans

1st runner up Hadden Embry son of Micah and Kenya Embry


13-18 month girls

Winner Bronleigh Stone Lamont daughter of Ethan and Paige LaMonte

1st runner up Aria Rose Marie Daniel daughter of Ava Tuck and Duane Daniels

2nd Runner up Penelope Rose Murphy daughter of Brent and Erica Murphy



7-12 month boys

Winner Cole Douglas Gilpin son of Chelsea and Josh Gilpin 

1st runner up Asher Crew Carroll  son of Cameron and Bailey Carroll

2nd Runner up Rhett Cassady son of Brandon and Reagan Cassady


7-12 month girls

Winner Raelynn Taylor daughter of Chelsea and Zachary Taylor of Horse Branch

1st runner up Emery Henry daughter of Zach and Beth Henry of Quality

2nd Runner up Rory Mae Givens daughter of Dakota and Haley givens of Lewisburg



0-6 month boys

Winner MaveRick Dickerson son of Bridgette and Cody Dickerson



0-6 month girls

Winner Hadley Sorrels daughter of Chris Sorrels and Jessica White

1st runner up Kaitlynn Nicole Bryant daughter of Alyssa and Trenton Bryant

2nd Runner up Marley-Mae Mooneyhan daughter of Sarh Grubb and Luke Mooneyhan



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