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Graves Gilbert Clinic Welcomes Dr. Chhabra to Morgantown

Dr. Shalini Chhabra

The old saying goes, “when one door closes another one opens.” That is certainly the case with the retirement of Dr. Richard T.C. Wan and the closing of Wan’s Medical Clinic. While Dr. Wan has closed his doors, Graves Gilbert Clinic has taken over operations of the clinic, and with that Morgantown has a new physician.

Dr. Shalini Chhabra is now practicing at the Graves Gilbert Clinic Morgantown Campus, formerly Wan’s Medical Clinic. Chhabra comes to Morgantown after a two-and-a-half year stint practicing medicine at Graves Gilbert in Bowling Green.

Chhabra, 41, is a geriatric medicine specialist. In layman’s terms she is a doctor that specializes in the diagnosis and care of the elderly. Butler County’s aging population is one reason why Chhabra wanted to move to Morgantown when she found out Graves Gilbert Clinic would take over operations of Wan’s Medical Clinic.

“It’s certainly a big reason why I wanted to come here,” said Chhabra. She said she also looks forward to continuing Dr. Wan’s care of patients at Morgantown Care & Rehab.

Chhabra was born and educated in India. Both her undergraduate and medical school training were in her home country. She did post-graduate training in New York City, and completed her geriatric fellowship in Asheville, North Carolina. She has lived in Bowling Green for the last few years with her husband, Dr. Sandeep Chhabra, who practices cardiac medicine with Graves Gilbert.

Other than her desire to use her geriatric specialty, Chhabra is looking forward to developing an ongoing relationship with her patients in Butler County.
“I want to get to know the people here. So far they have been very nice. They’ve been very welcoming,” said Chhabra.

She says that she likes what she’s seen of Butler County so far, and after growing up on the outskirts of Dehli, Inda, and then studying in New York City, Chhabra is happy to be in a more rural setting. She admits she didn’t get to see a lot of New York City during her residency, and is looking forward to getting to see some of Butler County.
“It’s very pretty here, very open,” said Chhabra, “we like it here.”

Asked if there could be a move to Butler County in the future Chhabra wouldn’t rule it out, but pointed out that her husband still works in Bowling Green, where they have a home. “He likes it here too, but he still works in Bowling Green, but we will see what the future brings.”

Chhabra will work full time in Morgantown, and wants to make it clear that this is a long term posting. “I’m filling big shoes, so I will be here full time, every day,” said Morgantown’s new doctor.

She is seeing patients 8:30-5, Monday-Friday at Graves Gilbert in Morgantown.

Story by Joe K. Morris, Photo by Jeremy Hack, Beech Tree News


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